Guide for Using the Digital Economy Taxation Interactive Map

Guide for Using the Digital Economy Taxation Interactive Map

➢ The digital economy taxation initiatives are displayed in different colors depending on the status (“approved” or “proposal / in study”) and the geographic scope (country level or supranational organization level). Each point in the map refers to an initiative. By hovering over the points, a pop-up shows up with the country and the tax name of the initiative and, by clicking on these points, a pop-up shows up containing more information about it.

➢ It is possible to do some analytics/segmentation on the data about the initiatives by using the many filters on the right side of the map.

In particular, the initiatives can be filtered by:

• status,
• geographic scope,
• supranational organization,
• region,
• country,
• type of tax,
• tax name and
• tax or incentive.

For instance, the user can select only the Italian initiatives by clicking in “Italy” (on the widget “Country”) or only the income tax initiatives by clicking in “Income Tax” (on the widget “Tax Name”). Note that the filters are interactive, that is, filtering an information impact on the information appearing in the related filters.

➢ It is also important to mention that the filters only comprise information related to the area viewed in the map based on the worldwide/Regional/Country zoom you have chosen in your screen. If the user zooms in on a regional location (for instance, Europe), the filters will not show the initiatives of the area not visualized in the map (for example, any APAC or Latin America initiative).

Zooming in and out with your mouse or fingers (tablet mode) is an important part of the experience & visualization, for focusing your analysis.

Note: This map is prepared as an informational/knowledge sharing initiative to contribute to the debate by assisting other international stake-holders analyzing this topic. It can not be used to provide any Tax-Advice or take any investment decision based on it.

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