Letter From the Board

We live amazing days where digital elements are evolving the essence of society from its deep heart, taking part in almost every relevant thing that happens.

It is expected that digital elements will represent between 20-40% of the GDP of several economies in a few years from now. Boiling down from the macro-economic perspective, digital is transforming the way society interacts, learn, travel, work, share and create value.

The multiple emerging elements like Cloud, Social Media, Analytics, Mobility, Internet of Things, Sharing Economy, AI, RPA, 5G, Connected Car, 3D print, Block-Chain and many others… are completely disrupting the “status quo”, transforming economic sectors, enabling new business models and value creation, but opening also exponential challenges specially in the international regulations arena.
International Tax principles and local government Tax Policies are well behind that fast-moving reality in most cases, posing the risk of being an important barrier towards any economy achieving its full potential.

The only way forward is setting an international common approach for some of the points under debate, there is no other way. That is why we want to responsibly participate in the digital economy taxation debate.

We are an inclusive organization where big corporations and start-ups of different industries, public government and academia can contribute to enrich insights on an open collaboration mode.

Companies like our members, with clear international vocation and highly digitalized business models, require a fair level playing field, tax clarity, and simplicity to support their firm compromise to create qualitative but sustainable value.

We take with responsibility a duty of contributing to improve tax policy design on an international basis with rigorous research, analysis and advocacy. We have a strong European headquartered heart, but foster open minded collaboration between all involved stakeholders.

Join our journey.

Ignacio Longarte
In representation of the Board
Fall 2017