OECD Program of Work, organization & resources to resolve digitalized economy taxation

Following its pre-announced calendar, the OECD published on May 29th, 2019 the “Program of Work” structuring the process and organization to achieve a global consensus based solution to tax the digitalized economy by December 2020.

The process and objectives has been agreed by the 129 “Inclusive Framework” BEPS countries and it resounds on the 2 pillars introduced in the early 2019 Policy Note  and following docs.

A one pager summary of the Process & Organization structured is presented in the following chart (click on it to enlarge):

Digitalized economy taxation

DET3 Comments:

It is positive to see that the really ambitious but necessary objective of reaching a global consensus based solution on the 2 Pillars in a limited timeframe, it is also spoiling the need for evolving the way of doing things at OECD level.  In person meetings are going to be supplemented on-demand by remote work as necessary, and likely incorporating the same kind of technological tools that enable big efficiency in today’s digitalized world when it comes to innovation fast development and iteration. Likely the new O.N.E. collaborative suite (OECD Network Environment) will be tested and stressed during the execution of this ambitious tax policy challenge.

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